Cost of the New City Logo and Branding

Like most old time cattle ranches, the City of Bainbridge Island has a brand with a logo. Since it is nearing the City’s 25th anniversary, the powers to be in City Hall decided the historic branding logo was in need of updating. The obvious choice to do that was a firm of pretty much locally unknowns from Greenville, S.C., who got a cross country flight and a couple of days to sightsee the island, test some local alcoholic beverages,  and understand our unwavering dedication to trees.

They designed a logo featuring some axes.

Didn’t go over so well. With just about anybody.

City terminated that contract, paying $11,272.50, including $9,572.50 for the work done on the battle axes logo and $1,700 for airfare, accommodations, food ($432 … they ate well!), and a rental car.

Their invoice (City file number opens the invoice):

Arnett Muldro and Associates:  339452

After a number of meetings and reportedly hundreds of e-mails, City opted to hire a local designer,  Kelly Hume Design, Inc.

Kelly came up with the idea of the island outline in a capital B.

Bainbridge Island Logo 2015 copyThe “B” stands for …(drum roll)  …  Bainbridge!

Some on the City Council liked it, but mostly they were tired of talking about something as critical to the community as a logo. Some seemed pleased it had the general color of a still alive conifer needle. The B w/Island logo received the required 4 votes and the Council moved on to more important things, like the decision on the Suzuki property for affordable housing  or to keep the mini forest intact and hand it over to the Metropolitan Park District so they could do something other than housing with the property.

Kelly finished the logo, and in addition the City got an envelope layout, letterhead layout, vehicle signage, and e-mail signature designs.

That effort added up to $12,372,50.

Total new branding logo cost to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of all-island City has been $23,655.00. 

Not counting many hours of staff time.

Kelly Hume Invoices:

1/3: 339917

2/3: 340826

3/3: 340709

It’s your tax money at work … City Council is protecting and ensuring the taxpayers get good value for their dollars.

Next post:  Thank you, City Water ratepayers for footing the bills  for our all-island groundwater monitoring program!