Low Tide Means Beach Naturalists Are On the Beaches

Sunday, 5 June saw about 45 civilians exploring for low tide life at the Point White Pier with a bevy of Bainbridge Island Beach Naturalists there to help in storytelling and critter identification.


A moon snail … always impressive because of their size.

Moon Snail

A red ribbon worm … bright orange and out searching for food. This one was maybe 30 inches long.

Red Ribbon Worm

Looks like a sand volcano … but wait a couple of minutes, and the sand worm extends its food gathering tentacles and looks like a beach flower.  It has amazingly fast reflexes if disturbed … faster than the eye can see it fully hides back under the sand.  It’s tentacles are about 1.5+ inches in diameter (right image).

Sand Worm Filter Feeder